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Aerial Activities and Axe throwing Questions and Answers

What is rope course?

A ropes course is the modern-day twist on the traditional obstacle course. Constructed of wood, cables and ropes strung between poles, ropes courses provide people of all ages the opportunity to learn about challenges, risks and rewards—in a safe, exciting and stimulating environment.


 Our rope course has 4 levels with 18 elements on each level. The first level is the easiest level and the fourth level is the most difficult. This provides challenges for  all ages. Course height is 8-12 feet on the lowest level and 38-42 feet on the top level

Many elements require upper body and arm strength and are more difficult than many customers expect

What is the any two level rope course activity?

Participants can do any two levels. A younger participant might do the easier bottom 2 levels. Older  participants might do the top two levels. Some chose an easy level and a difficult level. It takes about 1 11/2 hours to complete 2 levels. Over 90% of our rope course customers choose the any two level option.

Can you do all four levels?

Customers can do all four levels. It takes about 3 hours to complete all four levels. Less that 10% of our customers choose to do all four levels dues to the time and cost.

Can I fall off of rope course?

No. Participants are in a harness connected to a safety cable.

Is there help on rope course?

Facilitators are on each level give instructions on use of course and watch for anyone having problems on the   course. If needed they can go out on course to help get someone off the course. Facilitators are trained by a certified rope course trainer,

Can aerial activities by used in bad weather?

 Lighting and high wind are problems for the aerial activities. The activities are shut down for 1/2 hour if  there are lighting strikes closer than 10 miles. Winds over 20 mile per hour can also force the activities to be shut down

What are the age limits for aerial activities?

Minimum age for rope course, swing, free fall, and climbing wall is 8. Minimum age for axe throwing is 12.

What are the weight limits for aerial activities?

Maximum weight for rope course, swing, free fall, and climbing wall is 275lbs.

Minimum weight for free fall, zipline and climbing wall is 75lbs. 

Weight limits are determined by the equipment we use made by Head Rush Technologies. Others parks using different equipment may have different limits.

What shoes are needed?

Shoes with heel straps on are needed for the rope course. Crocs are ok if the have heel strap.

Closed toed shoes are needed for the axe throwing. 


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