Custom GROUP

Custom groups reservations are available for groups that want special activities of have special needs. Businesses may be interested in team building. Scouts may want to use climbing wall for merit badge.  Therapy programs may want a custom program. We are interested in providing access for handicapped or special needs people.

Custom groups can be scheduled  outside of the parks normal days and hours to give the custom groups exclusive access to equipment.

Park is closed to general public on Monday so this would be good day for custom groups. Park could be available before normal opening time for scouts to use climbing wall

Patrick Bentley is our aerial activities manager. He managed the USU challenge course and has experience doing team building and other special programs. He worked with Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort for years. 

Team building activities are designed to improve communication, problem solving, leadership, teamwork, and motivation.​ Activities can be

ground level or high up on our challenge course. Walking the challenge course in pairs with one person blind folded and the other give directions is an example of team building activity. 

Contact us about custom groups at,  or