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Ground Activities Questions and Answers

What is tubing?

Our tubing is similar to snow tubing but done on a plastic track. The track is about 350' long.

The tube reaches a speed of over 20 miles per hour.

Do get wet when tubing?

No.  Water is sometimes used to make the track faster. Riders may be get a little spray from this.

What is age limit for tubing?

Minimum age to ride in tube alone is 5. Ages 4 and under can go in tube with some one over 12. The 4 year old goes for free. Some young children over 4 are afraid to go alone. They can also go with someone older.

Can handicap or special needs children do tubing?

Yes. Ask our staff for help

What is bungee trampoline?

Participants bounce on a trampoline while in a harness connected to bungee chords

What is the weight limit for bungee trampoline?

30lbs to 150lbs


What is the age limit for bounce house?

 5 to 10 have to pay. 4 and under are free

What is the age limit for kids train?
Under 5 are free with adult. Old children have to pay.


Do you have discs for disc golf

Yes we have discs

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