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Group Frequent Group Questions  

 Why make a reservations?

We take reservations for group of 25 or larger to prevent too many groups at the same time.  Groups with reservation get a 10% discount on all prices. Discount is only for groups with booked reservation.

What are most popular activities

Rope course and tubing. Rope course has four levels and 72 elements. Most customers do the any two level option the rope course. This takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Tubing is popular with all age low cost.

What are the prices Prices are on home page. Booked groups get 10% discount

Restrictions Restrictions activities are shown with prices on home page

What are the typical group activity plans

Most group members do 2 levels of rope course 1 or 2 other aerial  activities like zipline and/or swing and some tubing. Younger children do tubing, bungee trampoline and bounce house

Do I need to pay in advance

No. You can pay when you arrive at park. You can also decide what activities member of group want to do wen you get to park and group members do not all have to the same things. Check in is faster if you know what members want to do before you arrive.

Option to order wristbands

The booking app has an option to order wristbands that will be ready will groups arrives. This option is useful for a group like a large young women's group where they are all doing similar activities.      A sample wrist band is  A2L  AA   SSS   This would allow someone to do any 2 level of the rope course, any 2 other aerial activates, and 3 slide ride. Order wristband makes check in faster. Change to wristband order can be done at park

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes?

Minimum  25  Maximum 80 using booking app. Make best estimate for size. Minor changes in group size are OK.

For larger groups contact the park at

What are the starting times for groups?

Morning groups from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Afternoon groups from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Can you book groups outside of regular business hours?

We may be able to book a group in evenings or on Mondays.Contact park at about this

What if our plans change?

Please inform park at if you want to cancel group booking.

Do you allow groups with exclusive use of park?

Yes, we can do large groups that have private use of park. We have booked groups as large as 200 and could do larger groups. Contact park at for more information about this

Do you have an special activities for groups?

We can to team building activities for groups. We can only do this for a few groups do to staffing limitations.  

Go to team building page for more information.

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