We do reservations for groups of 25 or larger. Groups get 10% discount. Please read frequently asked questions before making reservation or contacting park about group reservation

Group Frequently asked questions

Why make reserveration?

Groups are very important for our business so we give groups over 25 with reservations a 10% discount, Making reservation allows us to schedule groups so the we do not have too many at same tiome

What are the start time for reseverations?

10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM

What is group size for reservation?

Minimum of 25.

Can you reserve entire park for group?

Yes. We have done this for large groups. Contact park to get more information about this

How do you make reservation?

Fill out a group request form. Link is on group info page. Read all for the FAQ before making reservation.

Does reservation reserve time on activities?

No reservation get you the discount and we spread out groups so we do not have two groups at same time. Want in customers may come to park at same time as groups.

What does it cost?

We sell by activity so cost depends upon what members of group want to do. At common group purhase is 1/2 rope course (2 levels) 2 other activities (any 2 of swing, climbing wall, zipline, free fall, or axe throwing) 5 tubing rides This costs $27

Does everyone in group have to do same thing?


Does group have to do activities at same time?

No. Group can do things together but with larger group it is better to spread group out to different activites. Some of group could be on rope course while others are doing tubing

How do I know if groups have already booked time I want?

Go to link to Google calendar to see times that have been booked

Is a deposit needed?

No. You can pay when you arrive at park.

Do I need to pick activities before arriving at park?

No but check in is faster if we know what you want to do before you get to park. This way we can have everything ready for group.

Do I need to fill out waivers?

Yes. Go to Waiver link at top of page. Waivers can be filled out on line or printed out. Waiver should be completed before arriving to make check in easier and faster.

Can group bring food?

Yes we have 30 tables in three different locations. We can resevere area for large group is we know about need before you arrive.