GROUP  INformation 

The are 4 time slots for groups

      2 groups 10am to 2pm

      2 groups 2pm to 6pm


Group size is 25-50. If  group is over 50 book as two groups at same time.

If group is over 100 contact park at

Group booking must include purchase of passes. Pass cost is discounted from cost at park. 

Group booking may also include food for group.

We can design a custom group program.  Program can include things like team building activities or program for customers with special needs.  Contact park for more information

We hope Corona Virus restrictions on gone by end of May so can have normal summer. Normally we require payment when group reservation is booked but due the current crisis you can make a group booking without a deposit.

We can have private party for groups over 150 where group get exclusive access to park of several hours.  Contact park for more informaition

722 South First Light Drive   Garden City, Utah   435 946-2246    Manager Don Webb  435 994-0549

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