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Park FAQ

What are the park activities?

Aerial        Rope Course, Giant Swing, Zipline, Free Fall, Rock Wall

Ground     Tubing, Bungee Trampoline, Bounce,\ House, Miniature Golf, Kids Train

Other         Axe Throwing, Batting Gage

Free           Playground, Disc Golf

What are the age limits?

Minimum age 8 for Aerial activities

Minimum age 12 for Axe Throwing
Minimum age 5 to do tubing alone, Younger children can go for free with over over age 12

Bungee Trampoline has no age limit but has a 30 to 160 lb weight limit.

Does Park shut down when where there is bad weather?

Aerial        Shut down if there is lightning within 8 miles of the park or when wind is over 20 mph

Ground      Tubing is shut down when it rains because track is too fast

We give refund if any activity is shut down due to weather

Can you bring food to park? Yes, we have 36 tables you can use

Do you have food for sale?

We sell hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, candy and snow cones

Do you take reservations?

We take reservations for groups of at least 25. See group FAQ for more information

Where is park?

The park is 1.7 miles west on highway 89 from the stop light in Garden City

Click Map link for locaiton

Do you have season pass or day pass

We do not have season or day passes. We sell by activity from ala carte menu

What is rope course?A ropes course is the modern-day twist on the traditional obstacle course. Constructed of wood, cables and ropes strung between poles, ropes courses provide people of all ages the opportunity to learn about challenges, risks and rewards—in a safe, exciting and stimulating environment. Our rope course has 4 levels with 18 elements on each level. The first level is the easiest level and the fourth level is the most difficult. This provides challenges for  all ages. Course height is 8-12 feet on the lowest level and 38-42 feet on the top level  Many elements require upper body and arm strength and are more difficult than many customers expect

What is the any two level rope course activity?

Participants can do any two levels. A younger participant might do the easier bottom 2 levels. Older  participants might do the top two levels. Some chose an easy level and a difficult level. It takes about 1 11/2 hours to complete 2 levels. Over 90% of our rope course customers choose the any two level option.

Can you do all four levels?   Yes it takes about 3 hours to complete all four levels.   

Can I fall off of rope course?No. Participants are in a harness connected to a safety cable.

Is there help on rope course?Yes Facilitators are on each level give instructions on use of course and watch for anyone having problems on the   course. If needed they can go out on course to help get someone off the course. Facilitators are trained by a certified rope course trainer,

Can aerial activities by used in bad weather?Lighting and high wind are problems for the aerial activities. The activities are shut down for 1/2 hour if  there are lighting strikes closer than 10 miles. Winds over 20 mile per hour can also force the activities to be shut down

What are the limits for aerial activities?Check price information on home park form limits 

What shoes are needed?

Shoes with heel straps on are needed for the rope course. Crocs are ok if the have heel strap.

Closed toed shoes are needed for the axe throwing. 


What is tubing? Our tubing is similar to snow tubing but done on a plastic track. The track is about 350' long.

The tube reaches a speed of over 20 miles per hour.

Do you get wet when tubing?No. Water is sometimes used to make the track faster. Riders may be get a little spray from this.

What is age limit for tubing?Minimum age to ride in tube alone is 5. Ages 4 and under can go in tube with some one over 12. The 4 year old goes for free. Some young children over 4 are afraid to go alone. They can also go with someone older.

Can handicap or special needs children do tubing?Yes. Ask our staff for help

What is bungee trampoline?Participants bounce on a trampoline while in a harness connected to bungee chords

Do you have discs for disc golfYes we have discs but you can use you own

Do you have bats for batting cage yes but you can use you own

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