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Rope Course      Biggest in Utah  

People describe our aerial course as a rope course, challenge course or obstacle course. What ever you call it, our course has most elements on any aerial course in Utah.  The course has 4 levels. The first level has the easiest elements. Element get more difficult as you go up the levels. The course is designed for a range of ages and ability. Younger participants and those who have problems with height can do the lower levels. Old participants can do do the higher more difficult elements. 


It takes more time to do a level than most customers expect. There are 18 elements on each level. If a customer takes 2.5 minutes per element they will need 90 minutes do complete 2 levels. The course is more difficult that customers expect. Many elements stress upper body and arms. 

Customers can by a ticket to do any 2 levels. If some one wants to do all four levels the can purchase two any 2 level tickets. In previous seasons very customers have done all four levels.





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